Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Can "Faith" Play Shortstop?

I'm trying real hard to cut the New Ownership Group some slack. I know I've been critical, some would say hyper-critical, of them in the past. But, it's hard for me to contain the outrage I feel over the complete and utter ineptitude of whatever it is that's running your Boston Red Sox. It's not just the Damon debacle—when they were clearly out-witted by Brian Cashman. It's also the Theo Debacle, the Manny Debacle-In -Progress, and the mixed signals inherent in trading away the shortstops of the present AND future in the same off-season. How about their justification for letting Mike Myers go to New York? Only one "specialist" allowed in our bullpen—and that guy was Chad Bradford. So why (as WEEI's Glen Ordway points out) did we let Bradford go as well? Does the left-hand know what the right is doing? Not bloody likely!

And then, at the press conference to wipe the "Damon egg" off their collective faces, Larry Lucchino tells the startled Nation, "Keep The Faith". KEEP THE FAITH! If we ever needed evidence that this out-of-towner does not "get it", here it is, my friends. I wonder if "Faith " can play short?

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