Thursday, January 19, 2006

John Henry: You Are Now Worthy

Remember the spectacle of John Henry questioning his fitness to serve as the Red Sox principal owner because of his inability to resolve the Grand Canyon-sized rift between Theo and Larry? At the time my gut reaction was, "No kidding, Einstein!" It was his duty to get the disparate parties together in the best interests of the overall organization. He failed. He deserved scorn.

Now, with the announcement that Theo will return in a "full-time" capacity, John Henry has righted that wrong. We should all give him the credit he deserves—as quickly as we had doled out the criticism. He has stepped up and done his job. The organization, the team, the fan base—all will be better for what he has done.

The Halloween Nightmare is over. It's not quite Valentine's Day, but it's the next best thing. Now, let's get to work and fill the holes so that the 2006 season can be worthy of us all.

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