Friday, February 10, 2006

"Spinning" Out The Empire

The Lowell Spinners (Single A Affiliate Of the Boston Red Sox) have offered Little League organizations around New England the deal of a lifetime. Namely, get rid of your Yankee teams and we'll PAY you for replacement uniforms emblazoned with "Spinners". In addition, participating teams will get to play at Lowell's Edward LeLacheur Park prior to a Spinners game this Summer. So far, three Massachusetts towns have agreed (Tewksbury, Methuen, and Chelmsford). The real question is: Why hasn't EVERY town jumped at the chance? How much of a no-brainer is this?

For those of you who have experienced the anguish of a son or daughter who has been assigned to the Evil Ones (as your humble scribe has), you know how important this effort is. This isn't just a trivial little PR move by the Spinners; this is a noble battle for the soul of a region. If you have a child of Little League age, I urge you to contact your local organization TODAY and make them "purge the pinstripes". In the name of Pudge, Spaceman and Tek--JUST DO IT!

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cephus said...

The lil' brother simplex is alive and kickin' in Bawstun! Not sponsering a kids team because of it's name? Like school in the summer, NO CLASS!!!