Friday, May 05, 2006

Good For WEEI, Good For Fans

The word that AM Sports Giant WEEI has likely retained the rights to Sox play-by-play is, in my view, a good thing. As appealing as a clear, dedicated, Sox-owned FM signal would have been, there is something about baseball that screams "Amplitude Modulation!" Maybe it's the memories of listening to the late Curt Gowdy paint his hardball picture through the warm summer skies. Maybe it's the excitement of picking up a faint AM Sox signal when traveling in Nova Scotia or the boondocks of Maine.

And, as aggravating as WEEI can be with its endless shouting and moronic whiners, it's still the only "must listen" station on the dial for Boston sports fans. You may hate it sometimes, but you listen all the time. Admit it. Sox play-by-play belongs on WEEI. Somewhere, Curt is smiling.

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