Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The NOG Gets It Right

God knows, this writer has often been critical of the New Ownership Group (by the way, when do they stop being "new"?). However, when they do something right, particularly something the "old" ownership would NEVER have done, I feel I have to give them recognition. Just such an event occurred on Monday night at the opening game of the current Yankee series. As my friend and I settled into our $40 Season Ticket Grandstands, we noticed that one wooden slat on the back end of one of the seats was missing. Hardly an inviting prospect for seats that are already cramped and uncomfortable.

So, we scurried down to the Fan Feedback Booth below Section 30 and advised them of the problem. This was about 6:30 PM. Before the 7:05 PM start of the game, two staff members had been dispatched to our seats with power tools, replacement slats and bolts to fix the problem. Presto! Chango!! A new seat before Johnny Demon could be booed into submission to lead off the game. What are the odds that the Yawkey Regime would have fixed the problem THIS SEASON let alone this night? In fact, there was no dedicated place to make such a report in the old days. So, kudos to the NOG for their prompt and efficient response.

Now, about moving tonight's final Yankee game from a "daytime" to a "fake" night time start--leaving week-night Season Ticket Holders in the lurch.....but, that's a story for another day.

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