Thursday, June 22, 2006

This Just In--Theo Is Better Than Me

I give up, Theo Epstein is definitely a better GM than I am. I have been clinging to this notion that, given the resources, I could put together a ball club that is as good, or maybe even better, than the Brookline Boy Wonder. After living the "get-a-life" existence of a fantasy baseball GM for the last 15 years or so, I have exactly one championship. Same as Theo. However, unlike Theo, most other years have resembled the fate of my 2006 team: 9th place in a 10-team league. So all the posturing I did at the beginning of the year about my Bill James-esque roster skills disappeared quicker than Kirstie Alley's waistline. Basically, I'm really bad at this. And, apparently, Theo is really good.

So, all the criticism I have heaped on Mr. Epstein over the years (not that much, really--just the Nomar deal and middle relief miscues), I hereby rescind. Theo, you are the man, and I'm, well, not the man.

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