Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Nod To The NOG For D-MAT

Lord knows I have been critical of this new ownership group in the past--and I still strongly disagree with the commitment to a 94-year old ballpark. However, I firmly believe that the bold acquisition of negotiating rights for Daisuke Matsuzaka may be best move they've made since the Thanksgiving Theft of Curt Schilling from the D-Backs.

By grossly out-bidding the two New York teams for the Japanese starter (by a whopping $13.1 million over the Mets), Theo and The Trio sent a message to their suddenly restless fan base and the rest of MLB that they are an international force to be reckoned with. This is not your father's Red Sox ownership--fearful of thinking outside the batter's box. The NOG has aggressively planted their flag in the 21st Century ground of Global Baseball. And I, for one, salute them. Let the Japanese tour groups descend on Yawkey Way! The posting price will be amortized quicker than you can say "Honda, the official car of the Boston Red Sox--and D-Mat!"

Not just that. Can you image the angst they have caused in the boardrooms of the Bronx and Flushing? That alone has got to put a smile on your face. What they heck can Brian "Cash"Man do to top this? Ted Lilly? Please.

So, it says here that the $51.1 (eventually $100) million experiment on D-Mat is a gamble well worth taking. Way to go, NOG.

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