Friday, June 08, 2007

Outrage In Flushing

As my 11-year old son and I flipped through our MLB Extra Innings package on May 30th (trying to satisfy our "baseball jones"on a Red Sox off-night), we happened upon the Giants-Mets game at Shea. What the heck? We might get to see Bonds strike out pathetically.

Anyway, with the Metropolitans up 4-2, the game moved to the bottom of the eighth inning. Wait a minute, what's that playing in the background? It can't be! No way! Run the DVR back will, ya? Then, as "OH..OH..OH" boomed into the Flushing night, it became clear. "Sweet Caroline" was playing on the Shea PA, "Sweet Caroline"! OUR "Sweet Caroline"! In OUR bottom of the eighth! Then, to add insult to blasphemy, there was the "So Good, So Good, So Good"! Those infidels! Those slime buckets! Typical New York. They have nothing of inherent value, so they have to steal it.

Mr. Henry, get on this, will ya! The stinking Mets cannot have our Sweet Caroline! What's next? The Whalers Fight Song when David Wright gets a lead-off single in a rally situation? This must be nipped in the bud. This is war.

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Michael Leggett said...

As one who has sung along to "Sweet Caroline" in both Fenway Park & Shea Stadium, it's a perfect song for for Fenway Park, especially since it was written by Commonwealth of MA-Native, Scott Rosenberg(His Mom was a Dunleavey, BTW):

Just because Neil Diamond is a Native of Brooklyn(So am I), does NOT mean that it's proper to expropriate the song. It's actually part of XM Satellite Radio's Promotion;

"Sweet Caroline" has a party flavour to it, as there are so many places around Fenway Park, to celebrate & comiserate after a Game. There is nothing really close by Shea Stadium, so fans must travel distances for celebration & comiseration, hence "No THERE, There";

The song is no longer played there. More-Appropriate to that Stadium, is "I'm In A NY State Of Mind" by Billy Joel, who lives on the Eastern End of Long Island;

Like the playing of "Sweet Caroline", which has ended, Shea Stadium shall cease to exist after the '08 Season, as the new park will mimicry Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, only in State Of The Art Form, perhaps an admission that the Mets have no originality of their own;