Friday, August 10, 2007

Sox Repeal

God knows the NOG has bills to pay. Hey, we've even learned to accept (sort of) the little animated drop-in ads after virtually every pitch ("that split-finger fastball brought to you by the Sports Medicine Clinic at New England Baptist Hospital"). However, last Wednesday's pre-emption of the spot-on (sorry, I just spent four days in London) NESN post-game show by a dating show called "Sox Appeal" was heresy of the highest order.

What is NESN thinking? Do they really believe that the same audience that gobbles up hours of Dave McCarty breaking down Dice-K's change-up will swoon over the problems of some 30 year-old stockbroker from Davis Square on the make? Not bloody likely (sorry, there's another Brit reference). Look, the show itself might be fun (I haven't seen an episode yet), but put it on when the rest of us have already had our fill of post-game glory (or angst). Okay?

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