Friday, September 21, 2007

The "Greening" Of Fenway

First, it was real estate. Then, multi-media communications. Then NASCAR. Now, John Henry is looking to be the Al Gore of Baseball. The New Ownership Group (NOG) has announced an alliance with an environmental activist group known as the Natural Resources Defense Council. The goal is to "green" the 95-year old lady that is Fenway Park with a range of shamefully gratuitous and trendy gestures. Are you ready? How about plastic cups made out of corn starch? Not good enough? How about locally grown organic foods at the already over-priced concession stands? And, the most "moon-batty" of all: a fifth inning recycling stretch. While you're up stretching for the planet, the Fenway "staff" will then go around and pick up your recyclables. How wonderfully carbon-positive of the NOG! Gee, maybe we can all get up and sing, "Eve of Destruction" in unison.

Here's a suggestion, Mr. Henry. At the prices you charge us to squat in a century-old relic of a ballpark, maybe you should pay more attention to, oh, I don't know, BASEBALL! Considering the epic collapse we are witnessing from the soul-less Sox, I think that endeavor would be a little better use of your time and energy. If we want to recycle, we'll handle it on our own time, thank you. Unless, of course you recycle J.D. Drew's contract during that fifth inning stretch.

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