Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Climate Change" On A-Rod?

Over the last year we have asked the Nation three times to opine about A-Rod coming to Boston. Needless to say, majorities of our readers—or at least those who bother to respond to polls—have opposed the move. But a curious trend is emerging in the data. In March of this year opposition stood at 74%. In July, it dropped to 68% and in our latest sampling, the group "totally opposed" to A-Rod in a Sox uniform is at around 55%.

Now, to be fair, the structure of our most recent question is different from the earlier two—offering a 10-point intensity scale instead of a straight-up "yes" or "no". And, if you collapse together all the "negative" votes this time, you do get up to about 70%. Nevertheless, it is interesting that 45% of FN poll respondents are not totally opposed to A-Rod in Red Stockings. This may go even higher now that Mike Lowell has cast himself on the free agent waters. After all, if he ends up in the Bronx, well, you know where I'm going.

Maybe this is an early sign that the Nation could at least consider something they could never imagine before, possessing the greatest position player of this generation. Just a thought.

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spartan31 said...

I believe A-Rod will never becoem a red sox. If he did people in NY would hate him even more. The thing is, with a-rod people only love him when he is playing good a producing, and when he starts playing bad the first thing they want to do is trade him right away! And i think that he loves that and that makes him want to play better so more people can appreciate him. So therefore he will NEVER be a lame RED SOX!