Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Derek And The Irrelevants?

As responsible Red Sox fans, it's time to ask a fundamental question: "Have the Slytherin To The South become irrelevant?". Before you jump all over me, consider these facts that could lead an objective observer to conclude that the Evil Ones have "jumped the proverbial shark" and sailed past their peak.

First, ridiculously over-paying for Roger Clemens when it was fairly obvious that he was—at best—a band-aid on a sub-par pitching staff. The orgasmic reaction of Yankee broadcasters and fans to the "dramatic" announcement of the Texas Turncoat's return was pathetically second-rate.

Second, after leading the team from a seemingly insurmountable hole early in 2007, Joe Torre held the Yankees together with bailing wire and mirrors and got them to within 2 games (and one perfectly executed Melvin Mora bunt) of the AL East flag. The reaction of the Empire "brain trust"? Fire his butt.

Third, the wildly inappropriate "celebration" when the Yankees "clinched" a Wild Card spot had to make serious Gotham fans cringe with shame. Isn't this the franchise that's supposed to act like they've been there before?

Fourth, after Alex Rodriguez completely embarrassed the franchise by his egomaniacal disruption of World Series Game 4—dissing them on a world-wide stage—how did the Steinbrenner Sideshow respond? "Come on back, A-Fraud! All is forgiven. Take the biggest contract in MLB history for your disloyal behavior."

As the Red Sox re-tool their Championship squad for another run at glory, the Empire seems like a band of wannabees that hasn't won anything since last century. Oh yeah, they are. We might have to get used to a new reality. Fine with me.

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Michael Leggett said...

Suzyn Waldman, formerly of Newton, MA, known by Bob Raisman of the NY Daily News as "Ma Pinstripe", made a call that sounds like she was in an orgasmic state:

"Roger Clemens is in George's Bawx", is so-reviled on various radio shows on WFAN-660. She saved ALL her venom for "Mike & The Mad Dog", which was expletive-laden.