Monday, August 04, 2008

Hey, Nation, Get Some Perspective!

The Mainstream Media has once again orchestrated a Witch Hunt that has resulted in a Hall-of-Fame player leaving Boston. Aren't they all just so self-important and special! And, once again, the "fan base" has, lemming-like, followed in lock-step during the Grand Manny Bash of 2008. Kind of reminds you of the Grand Nomar Bash of 2004, doesn't it?

Let's be clear, I'm not here to defend Manny's Boras-led tirade that ticked off John Henry and sent the dread-locked one packing. And, it does appear that Manny had few supporters left among his peers. But some of the same writers who make reference to this "loss of the clubhouse" are, as Charlie Pierce rightly points out, the same ones who decried the "lunatics running the asylum" problems of years past. You can't have it both ways.

And what is it about Red Sox fans? A curious hardball amnesia seems to set in about 20 seconds after the latest media-assigned "bad guy" boards his flight at Logan. Have you already forgotten about the walk-off against K-Rod in last year's playoffs; have you already forgotten about the World Series MVP of 2004; have you already forgotten about the protection provided to Big Papi; have you already forgotten about 274 HRs and 868 RBI in a Boston uniform; have you already forgotten that as little as 10 days ago you rose to your feet and chanted for this great evil-doer? Shame on you.

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