Monday, June 05, 2006

Larry Blow-Hard, NYY

I have never liked Larry Bowa. He always seemed to be one of those fake-bravado, charlie-hustle wannabees who talked way too much for his talent level as either a player or a manager. My prejudices were confirmed when I saw the following from Jorge Arangure Jr.'s piece in today's Washington Post: "Several Yankees, including third base coach Larry Bowa, were angered when Orioles center fielder Corey Patterson stole second and third base in the seventh with Baltimore holding a 10-4 lead." So apparently, Larry thinks it's an insult to try and pile up more than a six-run lead on his sainted pinstripes, who, by the way, came back from a 9-0 deficit this year to beat Texas. Occasionally, Phineas T. Bluster of the Bronx hires people who perfectly match his and his team's boorish personality. Mr. Larry Bowa fits it like a glove.

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