Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tavarez Must Go!

How many more disastrous outings do we need to see before the "Brain Trust" at Yawkey Way wakes up to the fact that their biggest off-season blunder was the signing of Julian Tavarez (closely followed by the signing of Rudy Seanez)? Tavarez is a walking time bomb—emotionally and professionally. Let's not even talk about his character (or lack thereof) that was on display earlier this year—resulting in a suspension. Last night's horror at the BaggieDome (Jason Kubel's walk-off salami on June 13th) was just the latest in a long string of appearances that have ranged from marginally crappy to outright Little League-esque.

Let's go to the numbers. Through the epic fiasco in the Metrodome (6/13), Julian has thrown 29.1 innings in which he has allowed at least 47 baserunners (34 hits, 13 BB), 21 runs—with an opponent batting average of .301. Oh, and his stellar ERA of 5.83 is hovering right around the Ramiro Mendoza Line. Simple solution: bite the bullet, release him and bring up Craig Hansen for good.

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