Thursday, August 10, 2006

Feel Free To Schedule That Fall Trip!

I think it's important to point out the great public service being performed by the Red Sox for the New England regional economy. By tanking the season early in August, it gives us all a free hand to plan those Fall Foliage trips right now! No need to wait until Labor Day to assess the fortunes of the Olde Town Team and its impact on your Autumn road trip to Coos County, New Hampshire. Not with your 2006 Boston Red Sox on the job. No siree!

The various regional Chambers Of Commerce and Bureaus of Travel and Tourism should plan a Red Sox Appreciation Day at Fenway (maybe during the August 18th Doubleheader against the Empire). So, go ahead and call that little Bed & Breakfast in Conway and lock in the Early Bird rate. And, as you revel in the glorious panoply of color on that pristine October morn, just remember—you could have been cooped up in a cramped seat at Fenway watching the playoffs. Lucky you!

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