Monday, December 18, 2006

The Righteous Republic

Have you noticed that the national media are starting to refer to our beloved NOG as "Evil Empire, Jr."? Typical of this new line is the following comment by AP sports columnist Jim Litke: "instead of just one Evil Empire to worry about, there are two."

Hold on a second. Sure, the Red Sox are spending like a drunken sailor this off-season (just curious, are sailors any more likely to get drunk than, say, coast guardsmen?). But if we're going to carry out the Star Wars analogy to its logical conclusion, Theo and the Trio are clearly more like the Righteous Republic, not a rival Empire. I mean, we are the good guys, after all. They, on the other hand, are not. Simple. Yin/Yang. Light/ Darkness. This isn't complicated.

Moreover, they are ruled by a rigid Imperial dictatorship (Phineas T. Bluster) and we are ruled by the enlightened despotism of the Henry/Werner/Lucchino Troika. So, back off, national media. Refer to us by our proper moniker! And, while you're at it, stop disrespecting the Patriots.

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