Friday, April 20, 2007

"Schlock"-U-Mentary Probes For Fenway's "Invisible Energy"

OK, now it's gone too far. It's bad enough we had to endure the CHB's money-grubbing "Curse of The Bambino" scam. Because of this moronic notion, Red Sox fans were portrayed as pathetic losers, clinging to the pull of mystical forces—all the while calling into talk radio from their mothers' basements. Now—with the apparent complicity of the Red Sox brass—two charlatan cousins are planning a "documentary" on how "invisible" forces somehow "willed" the Red Sox to victory in 2004. Have we all gone stark raving mad?

You can pick-up on the New Age babble of these "film-makers", when they toss around terms like "distant prayer", "remote attention", "conditioned spaces", and "emotional resonance". PUL-EEEEZE!

These snake-oil artists (I refuse to mention their names or their film lest they actually make money on this sham) attempt to slap a patina of science on their project with numerous PhDs and seemingly reputable institutions (shame on all of them as well). But all you have to know about these guys is they also cite the "Global Consciousness Project" whose goal is "registering coherence and consciousness in the world". Do any New Agers ever use plain, intelligible language? One of these guys will be "testing" whether events are "less random in sacred places or when masses of people are concentrating on the same subject". According to an article in the Boston Globe*, he will do this by hooking up "a hand-held device that spews out random numbers to his laptop."

Mr. Henry, please don't allow this film to carry the imprimatur (either implied or explicit) of the Boston Red Sox. And fans, please don't give these guys your hard-earned money.

*the second article in the "17% Gazette" on this topic in less than two months!

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