Thursday, May 17, 2007

He Is Dead To Us Now

We can never forget the great things he did for us. The Cy Young and MVP in 1986 (and 2 more Cys for us before he left), the two 20 strikeout games. But we will also never forgive what he has just done to us. It's bad enough that he joined forces with the Empire once (winning two tainted rings). But to join them again, when finishing his career where it started was the right thing to do—that's just too much.

Spurn us once—good for you. Spurn us twice—may you fail ignominiously on the grandest stage. May you make no difference to the $200,000,000 frauds that wear the pinstriped laundry. May you finish your career a loser. May you regret the day you stood before the front-running fans of Gotham and lowered yourself during that 7th-inning stretch charade. You and Steinbrenner deserve each other, Roger. You blew it. Now, when we beat you, it will be even sweeter.

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