Friday, May 18, 2007

National Delusion

As I write this, the Red Sox sit atop the baseball universe with the best record this side of the Seibu Lions. We are eight "gongs" (thank you, Eddie Andleman) ahead of the dreaded Empire, and possess (arguably) the best starting pitching in the game. So, why am I so upset with the Pollyanna attitude that pervades most of the Nation? Because it's May 17th for God Sakes!

Has the haze of 2004 clouded over our Calvinistic pessimism so much that we have forgotten history? Don't we recall that the Red Sox were in first place as late as last August 2nd? Then, a tad later, the Yankees came to town for five. How did that work out for us? I can't escape the feeling that—like the little guy in the above graphic—we are setting ourselves up for a big bump on the collective head.

Do you really think that the Empire's offense and pitching will be out of sync for the rest of the season? Do you really think that our juggernaut to Championship #7 will be unblemished by a serious injury or two to a key player? Hey, wake up and smell Matt Clement!

I, for one, will continue to agonize over every pitch, every hit, every out, every run until we mathematically eliminate the vile ones from the south. Think otherwise at your own risk.

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