Monday, April 14, 2008

Heidi II—NASCAR Follies

So, there we are. Papelbon has struck out all three men he has faced after warming up four times through a quirky rain delay. He has two strikes on Cano. Two out. Ninth. Sox lead 4-3. So what does FOX do? Of course, it cuts away for the START of a freaking NASCAR race. A race that will consist of glorified commuters turning left for 500 miles. Give me a break. Our helpful FOX announcer informs us that we can pick up the game on FX. FX? Like anyone knows where that crap network lives on our Comcast "dial". I might as well have been directed to the Nashville Network (if that piece of garbage still exists). Ah, yes. Shades of NBC and the Raiders many moons ago. Except viewers had no recourse at all on that one. I guess we should thank our lucky stars for FX. Somebody smack me.

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