Friday, April 18, 2008

Stuck In The Middle With Goo

As we approach that quirky Boston tradition known as Patriot's Day (for those outside of New England, this has nothing to do with Tom Brady), it has become painfully evident that this 2008 edition of the Red Sox will go nowhere with the middle relief corps as currently constituted.

Mike Timlin's ERA looks like the interest rate on a MasterCard from ShiftyBank Of Newark (27.00). Brian Corey started pitching like Professor Irwin Corey. Manny Delcarmen is about as likely to give up a first pitch salami as he is to intimidate with a 97 MPH located fastball. And Julian Tavarez is about as likely to hold a lead as HIllary Clinton in Pennsylvania.

The bottom line is that Theo and the Trio need to make a move to shore up this critical part of the team—the sooner the better. If it means dealing some youth, so be it. We need at least two guys who have enough of a track record to bridge the ever-widening gap between the not-so-dominant starters and the very dominant tandem of Oki and Pap. David Aardsma is the lone bright light in this mix and could be the third option in a new middle triumvirate. But we need to make the "GOO" "GOOD". And fast.

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