Monday, April 28, 2008

Kudos To NOG On Aisle Cops

Careful readers of this site know that your humble scribe has always been somewhat skeptical of this New Ownership Group (NOG)—despite two brilliant World Championship runs. No one can ever take away those monumental achievements and, obviously, they deserve every bit of the credit. My criticisms have been—primarily—aimed at their unwillingness to admit the need for a new Fenway (along with over-the-top self promotion). But when they are right, they are right. According to the Fenway Security person I spoke with, the NOG has instituted a Zero Tolerance "Standing Idly In The Isle" Policy. That means that if you insist on loitering in a drunken stupor behind the grandstands near (say) Section 25, you are told to stand behind a bright white line—kind of like a skinny third base coach's box. This allows passersby to actually move efficiently in Fenway's formerly clogged thoroughfares. Brilliant! You can actually make it to the bathroom and back to your seat without missing a pitch! And the most amazing part of all, the cretin slugs who used to make it impossible to pass were actually abiding by the policy—no big deal. So, thank you, NOG, for this long overdue, and sensible, policy. Now, about a new Fenway..........

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