Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why We Hate Them

OK, look, I realize "hate" is a very strong term to use for anything related to sport. I also recognize that baseball is not as important as a whole host of other things in our lives: the health of our families and the security of our nation to name just two. So, why do I apply the term to a multi-billion dollar sports franchise in a decrepit borough of the City of New York? Here's why. They and their fans are the epitome of what is wrong with sports: arrogance, self-indulgent boastfulness, pettiness, unbridled greed, disrespect for the game, and general jerkiness.

The photo above tells all you need to know about the Bronx Culture that spawns Yankee fans. On October 9, 1996, 12-year old Jeffery Maier, reached over the right field fence to pull over the wall a Derek Jeter fly ball that was about to be caught by Baltimore Oriole right-fielder Tony Tarrasco. The Birds were ahead 4-3 in the 8th inning of Game 1 of the ALCS. The umpires (lacking the soon-to-be instant replay option) incorrectly ruled Jeter's flyout to be a home run. Game tied 4-4. The Yankees go on to win the game and the series as well as a tainted World Championship. Of course, if you look at the photo or view the video, you'll notice that there are three or four other up-standing Yankee "fans" ready to interfere with the play as well. It's just that the little cretin got there first. (By the way, to prove that there is some karma in the cosmos, Maier had his professional baseball career cut short by lack of talent a few years later).

But this incident is just one illustrative example of the wretchedness of "Yankee Universe". Space does not permit a full listing of the reasons for despising the pinstriped posers. But here's a try anyway: Suzyn Waldman and her orgasmic reaction to the return of the Texas Turncoat; B.F. Dent; A.F. Boone (and his jerk brother in the broadcast booth); A-Fraud; John Sterling and his moronic calls; the YES network's way-over-the-top "Yankeeography"; every Yankee goon who shows up at Fenway pre-drunk; the 1918 chant; Giambi's 1970's porn star mustache; Tom freakin' Tresh (for those over 50); monument park; Robert Merrill; all the crap this year surrounding "The Final Season".

But, take heart, the bums haven't won anything in almost 2, 900 days.

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