Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Setting Things Right

SEPT. 8, 2008—Now, finally, we have the opportunity to set things right in the AL East. The Rays are a nice story. They have turned a doormat franchise into Cinderella. They have done it the right way—patiently building their farm system through multiple high draft picks, while making low-risk veteran additions when needed. It's all good.

But enough is enough. The Red Sox have the chance to deliver—if not a "knock-out" blow—at least a solid haymaker on the Testy Tampans. They are starting to feel the pressure of crunch time. They have never been in this rarified air before—except some ex-Carmine Hose (Eric Hinske, Carlos Pena, Cliff Floyd) and Troy Percival. They are ripe for the taking. Three here at Fenway, two of three in that monstrosity in Florida and we can celebrate our second consecutive Division Title. As Dewey pointedly advised the 2004 team, "Do it!"

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