Friday, December 19, 2008

Sox Winter Of The Whiff

Unless the Red Sox are pulling a "Dice-K Feint" and not an "A-Rod Flop", this off-season could be the worst ever since the NOG arrived in Beantown. As the Empire re-tools with half-a-billion dollars worth of starting pitching, the Red Sox have added a mediocre middle reliever—and nothing else!

They absolutely had to sign Mark Teixeira. The reason they lost the 2008 ALCS was the lack of a "Manny-Bat" in the line-up (and the loss of another bat in Mike Lowell). They had to add another fearsome piece of lumber and (apparently) they have not.

Wake up, Nation. Ichabod Henry has already warned you that the economic downturn is going to affect bids for players. Get used to it. This may be the opening volley in the NOG's disengagement from Boston. John Henry's fortune is likely a lot less than it was before September 15th. They may flee with a billion dollars in their pockets and leave with two world championships (obviously a good thing) and a decrepit 100-year old relic of a ballpark (not such a good thing).

In any event, your 2009 Stand Pat Sox may be looking up at the Rays and the Yankees in late September.

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