Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Time Is "Rice" For HOF

Jim Rice is on the Major League Baseball Hall Of Fame ballot for the 15th and final time. It is a travesty that he has not yet been elected, and the voters should make it a point to insure that he makes it in this time. There are a library full of well-documented arguments as to why Rice should be enshrined. Long-time Red Sox official Dick Bresciani (one of the classiest and most knowledgeable baseball men anywhere) has put together the most comprehensive portfolio in support of Jim Ed's case.

But, in truth, there is only one set of facts that—to this writer—is overwhelmingly compelling: During his 16 years in the major leagues, Jim Rice had more home runs and RBIs than any other player in the American League. That kind of dominance is enough evidence for me. Put Jim Rice in the Hall where he belongs. Now.

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