Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fans, Not Mainstream Media, Have Long Memories

The adulation showered on Nomar Garciaparra on Monday night at Fenway Park says a lot about the gulf between the Red Sox fan base and the mainstream sports media in Boston.

In stark contrast to the minute-and-a-half standing ovation given by the crowd, the grudge mavens in the local sports media were still spewing the "Moody Nomar" propaganda and insisting that his 2004 departure somehow alienated fans.

Of course, it's always been all about the media on the Red Sox beat. You know, how the players treat them; how their reputations are helped or hurt by the success or failure of the team. They are as clueless today (as they scramble to find some readership on the Internet) as they were in the days when they harassed Ted Williams.

Thank goodness Red Sox fans are not so self-absorbed. They appreciate the Hall of Fame caliber career Nomar delivered while in Boston. They recall the spectacular plays in the field, the clutch home runs, the multiple batting titles, the constant hustle. Most of all, they remember the respect he had for the game and the Red Sox uniform.

Thank you, Nomar. We remember, even if they do not.

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