Thursday, April 30, 2009

Road Uniformity

Initially, I hated them. Actually, I hated the idea of them. The notion of changing one of the most iconic road uniforms in baseball was abhorrent to every "stick-in-the-mud" fiber of my being.

Why change the familiar red "BOSTON" script? (Bad enough that we lost the old Blue "blocky" lettering years ago) Why alter the overall simplicity of the road look? And adding a cartoonish "hanging sox" logo on the sleeve? Gag me with a fork-ball!

But then, as I followed the late night adventures of our Carmine Hose in Oakland and Anaheim and Baltimore and Cleveland, the darn things started to grow on me. Especially the "hanging sox" on the sleeve! The way it was set off from the otherwise drab look gave the uniform a colorful dash. What was happening? I still had a little problem with the blue Old English script that replaced the red letters, but not really. Geez, the lettering kinda looks good, too. Uh-Oh!

OK, OK...I'm holding out on the stupid "hanging sox" on the hat. That's going way too far. The "B" is the "B" and will always be the "B". So, I guess if they bag the hat thing, I'm on board with the new look. Now, about those lousy new Fenway Franks.....

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